Utility Garages

Utility garages are a smaller version of our full size garages, and are just as wind and winter rated. They are useful for wood, yard and garden items, lawn tractors, snowmobiles, motorcycles, jetskiis, etc. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT! These items are also going to get damaged by UV and harsh Canadian weather if left unprotected. Tires, decals, and finishes are all items that you will save money on renewing and maintaining when you have a garage, and it will pay for itself in a very short time. The most popular models are shown below, just let us know if you want one that is not shown as we can get it, and save you money, with our LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE!

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Sizes—10’ or 12’ wide up to 30’ long
Frame—2”, centres from 5’ and up ( not recommended for winter use or higher winds—see below for the commercial garages)
Cover—woven polyethylene
Warranty—one year
Price —from $227

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Single Heavy Duty Garage

Sizes—11’ wide up to 40’ long
Frame—1-1/4” heavy gauge galvanized steel (winter rated– on 4’ centres)plus the most bracing in the industry
Cover—12 mil woven polyethylene UV treated
Warranty—from 2-4 years
Price—from $399 (20’ garage)