Having a good portable garage or portable shelter is a great way to ensure that your items are well-protected from the elements. However, if you can’t even keep your portable garage or shelter standing firmly on the ground, then you’re going to have a big problem keeping your stuff safe. We’re going to show you the proper ways to anchor your portable garage or shelter, in whatever environment you wish to place them in.


To anchor your portable garage on an earth surface, like grass or dirt, then you need to ensure you get an earth anchor. These are able to be pushed down into the ground very easily and very quickly, but they hold your portable garage or shelter firmly and securely into the ground. The great part is – they’re also environmentally sensitive too.


To anchor your portable garage on asphalt or road tar, then you must ensure that the anchors you buy are made to hook onto that. You cannot buy anchors made to grip dirt for asphalt surfaces – you have to purchase the types of anchors that are made for driveways or cement slabs, because they tend to be tougher, more secure and more heavy duty. These types of anchors tend to have holes for drilling the foot of the anchor into the asphalt surface.


To anchor your heavy-duty portable garages, which are too large and too heavy-duty to be secured by the average anchor – you will need to use heavy-duty, auger anchors. They work best for the top-heavy portable garages, because they need to be more secure. Anchors which are made for the more heavy-duty portable garages have jaw-to-jaw turnbuckles which are stronger than other anchors. They are available for earthy surfaces and for asphalt surfaces as well.


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