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We purchased this garage from Give Me Shelter.  We have since moved from our farm in Nelson to another farm on Vancouver Island and left our quality portable garage behind.  Our neighbour in Nelson just last week( May 10, 2015) made comment as to how well this portable garage has sustained the winters snow of the Kootenays.  As a result of the quality service we had received from Anita and the company we have purchased another smaller style garage. We have just recently purchased a third portable garage for our farm here on Vancouver Island from Give Me Shelter however this time I saved my inquiry time re research for best buy and quality and just went directly to Give Me Shelter for this item.  We cannot say enough about Give Me Shelter and their products as the quality of their products and service of Give Me Shelter is exceptional and their prices can’t be beat.

Penny and Linton Robinson

Cobble Hill, B.C., Glacier Alpacas and Goldens

Let’s Talk!

T: 1-800-796-3485

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