Portable shelters or garages are a great way to ensure that you keep your boat safe and sound when you’re not using it. However, besides storing your boat in the shelter, you need to remember that keeping it safe depends on more than just safely storing it in the shelter for the winter. We want to show you some of the things you need to do when you’re ready to get your boat out of your portable shelter. Check these tips out.


  • Thoroughly clean your boat from the dust and dirt that’s built up on it. Rinse it of any film and add a coat of wax to ensure that it can serve as a protective barrier against the UV rays. Vacuum the inside of your boat too and check the outside of it for any scratches and gouges as well.


  • Now, it’s time to do some simple maintenance, which include the following:
    • Adding new spark plugs
    • Do an oil change
    • Monitoring and changing other fluid levels like the coolant and power steering
    • Lubricating all the moving parts in the boat
    • Relinking the fuel lines
    • Leak inspection
    • See if the battery is charged up
    • See if the propeller is damaged or misaligned
    • Monitor the belts if there is any damage to the hoses or wear to the belts
    • Secure all the fittings and clamps
    • Ensure the fuel systems and engine are working right


  • Do a check on your boat’s electrical system to see if any salty air may have caused some corrosion in the components. Replace any components which are old, corroded and no longer useful.


  • Before you take your boat onto the water, ensure that there is all the right safety gear in it, like life vests, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.


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