RV garages are great for RV’s of course, but also for anything that is taller, including tractors, transport tractor/trailers, box trailers, house trailers, any type of commercial truck, including cube vans, pump trucks, boom trucks, etc. They protect an RV that is being lived in full time from the winter wind and weather and save you money on heating costs. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT!! Saves you money in maintenance for your RV, everything from seals, skylights, tires, decals and finshes to the roof, due to far lower maintenance costs and far less weather and UV damage. The garage pays for itself in a very short time; you are likely aware of the costs of repairing and refinishing your RV–it can cost several thousand per year. Our RV garages are winter and wind rated for harsh Canadian weather. We feature the lowest guaranteed prices on all of our RV garages. We can also get almost any make or model or equivalent, as we are the department store of garages. As an added bonus, our warranties are the longest in the industry (at no additional cost).

RV Garages

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CANADIAN Commercial  RV garage

Sizes – 11′-14′, and from 16′-40’wide, lengths from 12′ up to any length, heights from 10′ up to 21′
Frame – 1-3/4′ up to 2-3/4″, arches on 4′ centres, for year round( winter) rating, substantial diagonal and purlin bracing, truss arch bracing ( the most in the industry) on larger sizes
Cover – woven polyethylene CANADIAN 12 mil, the longest lasting cover( contains a carbon layer that makes covers last), grey, white or translucent
Warranty–10 years, the longest warranty
Price – Please inquire to obtain current pricing as there may be discounts in effect

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Commercial RV garage

Sizes–14′ wide, lengths from 36′ to 44′, heights up to 16′
Frame–1-5/8″ arches on 4′ centres, purlin bracing and lock bracing
Cover–woven polyethylene 18 mil, green or grey
Warranty–6 years
Price–Please inquire to obtain current pricing as there may be discounts in effect